In my portfolio there is unfortunately only room for so many images and editing my work down to 20-30 images is a painful exercise. When I shoot interior design or architectural jobs clients end up with sometimes 50-60 images, for various purposes (web, print, social media, etc.). Those can tell much more about the actual place than just 1 or 2 images in my portfolio. I want to give my clients also a better overview of what the output from a shoot could be. So I am starting to show more images of my interior design / architecture shoots here for now in my blog under the title DESIGN STORIES.

This DESIGN STORY is about the Washington Square Hotel in New York City. A classic, history-laden hotel, born originally as the Hotel Earle in 1902, right on Washington Square. During its more than a century long history it counted The Rolling Stones, Dee Ramone and Chuck Berry among many other famous musicians as its guests in the trendy West-Village. Bob Dylan and Joan Baez even lived in residence at the WSH twice during their career. The hotel has an old world charm that the owners are very proud of and that they try to preserve.