BRAVA Dance, 220 Purchase Street, Rye, NY 10580

The 2018 Brava Dance Photo Day will be on Saturday, April 14 and Friday, April 27.

This year, parents will be able to reserve time slots for their child on a first come first serve basis through SignUpGenius.

To reserve a slot for a photo session is $55.00 plus the SignUpGenius handling fee. It is for one photo session and one costume, and includes the download of all images of your session. If your dancer has e.g. 3 costumes, pick a convenient hour and book 3 slots with-in that hour.

After the photoshoot you will receive a link to your images. If you want prints there will be an option to buy prints at cost, or you can download them and have them printed at your photolab of choice (Shutterfly, Apple, Costco, etc ...) -

The individual sessions are longer than last year, which will result in more images per dancer, but therefore there are a lot less slots available this year.

Please keep in mind, the Friday sessions on 04/27 are for company dancers, dancers who normally have classes on Friday, and some select classes. Please refer to the table on the SignUpGenius to decide which day you should sign up for.

If you child is in any of the classes below please sign up for Saturday, April 14th

Pre-School PreMon12:15SamanthaMagic tutu/Teddy bear dance
Pre-SchoolPreMon1:45SamanthaMy precious one/Party in the usa
Pre-School PreTue1:30SamanthaMy magic wand/Monster boogie
Pre-School PreThu11:00ColleenLovely/Following
Pre-School PreThu1:45ColleenShine/We belong together
Kindergarten BalletTue3:30ColleenForest Fairies
Kindergarten JazzTue4:15SamanthaEverybody walk the dinosaur
KindergartenJazz Thu3:30SamanthaThe Chipettes
Kindergarten TapThu4:15DeirdreUptown girl
Level 1Jazz 1Mon3:30KelinGoosebumps
Level 1Ballet 1Mon4:30ColleenAppalachian Spring
Level 1Tap 1Tue5:15DeirdrePositivity
Level 1Jazz 1Wed3:30MelissaYou're the one that I want
Level 1Lyrical 1/2Wed4:30SamanthaChildren of the world
Level 1Lyrical 1Thu4:15SamanthaHow far I'll go
Level 2Lyrical 2/3Mon3:30SamanthaFlashlight
Level 2Ballet 2Mon4:30KellyGarland Waltz
Level 2Ballet 2/3Mon5:30KellyLullaby
Level 2Tap 2BMon5:30MelissaTap your troubles away
Level 2Jazz 2Tue3:30KelinBougie
Level 2Lyrical 2Tue4:30KelinHere I am
Level 2Tap 2a/3aThu5:00DeirdreKing of New york
Level 3Jazz A Mon5:00KelinGlam
Level 3Lyrical 3AMon6:00KelinImagine
Level 3Tap 3BTue3:30JennyC'mon everybody
Level 3Ballet 3BTue4:30ColleenDwarfs and Diamonds
Level 3Ballet 3BThu3:30ColleenDwarfs and Diamonds
Level 3Lyrical 3BWed3:30KelinSmallest light
Level 3Jazz 3BWed4:30KelinLook what you made me do
Level 3Tap 3AWed4:30DeirdreIn the mood
Level 3Ballet3AWed3:30KellyPas de Six
Level 3Jazz3BThu5:15SamanthaOne way or another
Level 3Jazz 3AThu6:00DeirdreA-Yo

If you child is in any of the classes below please sign up for Friday, April 27th

KindergartenBallet Fri3:30SamanthaA dream is a wish
KindergartenJazz Fri4:15SamanthaMermaid Party
Petite ballet 1Petite ballet 1Fri3:30KellyBeauty and the beast
Ballet 1Ballet 1Fri4:15KellyPizzicato
Ballet 3aBallet 3aFri5:15KellyPachelbel's canon
Lyrical 3/4Lyrical 3/4Fri6:15KellyPalace
Petite 1Petite Jazz 1Tue3:30KelinNobody here but us chickens
Petite 1Petite Tap 1Tue4:30DeirdreItty Bitty Pretty One
Petite 1Petit Ballet 1Thu3:30KelinI do believe in fairies
Petite 1Petit Jazz 1Thu4:15Kelinshake the room
Petite 2Petite 2/level1Mon3:45KellyLes Petite Amis
Petite 2Petite Jazz 2Mon4:30 Ain't no mountain high enough
Petite 2Petite ballet 2Mon3:30ColleenVillage Fete
Petite 2Petite Jazz 2Mon4:15MelissaDo you love me
Petite 2Petite Tap 2Wed5:15MelissaPut on your Sunday clothes
Level 4Ballet Level 4bMon ColleenSnow white / Fairies
Level 4Ballet Level 4bWed ColleenSnow white / Fairies
Level 4Jazz 4A/4BTue5:30KelinKick up your heels
Level 4Tap 4Tue6:30KelinBellhop Boogie
Level 4TapWed7:15DeirdreRock around the clock
Level 4LyricalWed8:00KelinYesterday
Level 5LyricalMon7:00KelinSpare change
Level 5Ballet Level 5Tue ColleenPoison Apples/Entourage/Friends of SW
Level 5Ballet Level 5Sat ColleenPoison Apples/Entourage/Friends of SW
Level 5JazzWed7:15KelinLet's go
Level 6Tap Level 6Thu8:00KelinSeptember (All)
CompanyLyricalWed5:30KelinHalf Light ( Show C, D)
CompanyJazzWed8:15KelinLet's be bad (Show A, B, C, D)
Company Tue8:45KelinThe winner is (Show A, B, C, D)


Images from the 2016 BRAVA DANCE PHOTODAY: